Kurzes Update:

Nachdem meine Umschulung bei PUMA SE demnächst zu Ende geht wird es bald wieder neue Updates und Aktualisierungen auf meinen Servern geben und hoffentlich auch das ein oder andere Video-Tutorial / Livestream.
Freut euch jetzt schon mal auf einen WoW-Server, einen MOULA-Shard, mehrere Minecraft Server, einen DayZ-Server, einen CoD BO III Server, einen Rust-Server, mehrere ARK-Server-Cluster und, und, und...

See U soon. wink

Hey hey,

short update for you tongue-out:
Now you can access my sites through the following domains:

  • d3b453r.de
  • d3b453r.org
  • d3b453r.com

Welcome to Maximilians blog!

Here I will keep you up to date with my projects, write tutorials, publish my photos and write something about my private life wink
The translations and other information will follow the next few days as the site is still under construction.

Müller Maximilian

Sorry for my laziness but the following text is just translated with Google-translator lol maybe there will be a prober translation at some point :P



Now that I have finally found a retraining place for IT specialist for system integration, I will soon also update my websites and submit the promised projects and tutorials bit by bit
Until then, be patient until I'm halfway into the new business


~ Max


© Maximilian Müller

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